Stuart Taylor

Stuart Taylor

President and Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Taylor established Stucan Solutions Corporation in 2011 after retiring from the U.K Military where he was a Senior Warrant Officer for 25 years with the British Army and Commando Forces, having risen to the position of Senior Management and have experience in the following arenas Counter Terrorism Operations and Risk Mitigation, Humanitarian relief operation support, Advance forces clearance operations within hostile environments, Technical Response Force (TRF) – UK Counter Terrorism Support to CBRNe, Maritime Interdiction and Fleet Protection Force.

Stuart has taken this knowledge and experience and embedded it in to Stucan Solutions Corporation to provide specialist advice for Government, Law Enforcement and Special Forces in support Counter-Terrorist operations, provided real time training for all agencies in targeting, interdiction and mitigation roles which are key, to defeating new insurgency and terrorist treats around the world.

Stuart has founded the Global Partnership Program™ (GPP) which enables businesses the ability to penetrate the U.S. market with important new technology's and give businesses strategic understanding of the U.S Federal and commercial landscape. The U.S. market is large, homogeneous, and a traditional leader in technology products. A successful U.S. presence can be extremely gratifying and rewarding. In addition establishing and maintaining market share in the U.S. can play an important role in maintaining technical advantage and a competitive edge in your home market. The GPP offers a strategy to enter the U.S. market and navigate a path to overcome the challenges and risks of doing business in the U.S.

Stucan Solutions is a Strategic Business Development corporation that looks at countering emerging threats in specialist areas which Government and commercial sectors have a need for solution based results. Developing and designing new initiative concepts for services and product to address common threats to personnel, equipment and infrastructure.

- Provided direct business development support to the organization to grow their product and services businesses, with emphasis on the U.S. market.
- Established new business lines within the Special Operations & Counter Terrorism markets. 
- Establish a strong, high-performing, geographical partnerships with a focus on identifying and capturing new business in both products and services, with new concepts' and capabilities.
- Implemented and structured new Business Development Concept of Operations (CONOPS) that defines an actionable process for identifying, qualifying, pursuing, and capturing new business opportunities.
- Lead new business opportunity gate reviews and project capture lead on campaigns.
- Supported development of a comprehensive, executable US business development strategy and plan that defined existing and new market space within the corporation needs.
- Coordinated and lead an effective marketing and communications campaigns focused at US and global trade shows, media releases, and customer-targeted market influences plans.
- Provide direct support to corporate leadership with strategic business development organization, including briefing support to the chairman and board.