Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan

Chief Technology Officer

An inspirational leader, business executive, diplomat and skilled engineer with an unrivalled network of innovators and key decision makers committed to exploiting science and technology to rapidly enhance defense and commercial capabilities. An accomplished executive, technical consultant and business development director who wins Government and commercial contracts in domestic US and international markets. Strategist, technician and business executive with the vision, program management expertise and operational experience needed to lead and inspire scientists and businesses alike.

Mark Sullivan retired from the British Embassy in Washington DC where he was the military science and technology and rapid acquisition officer. He started his 27-year British Army career as a young paratrooper. He was soon commissioned through The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and went onto command and staff appointments in airborne, armored and technical units. He is an airborne sapper, professional civil engineer, has an MSc in Networked Defense Simulation and Modeling and is a graduate of the UK Advanced Command and Staff Academy with an MA from Kings College London in Defense and International Studies.

Mark has operational experience in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan and spent time in Africa and Central America. When serving in the Pentagon supporting the US Army G8 and Rapid Equipping Force, he led the rapid development and urgent delivery of emerging technologies to troops in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Stucan Solutions Associate Partner for science and technology, he provides specialist consultancy and research services to assist in the innovation, certification and exploitation of emerging technologies to deliver products and services for military and commercial markets. He also captures and manages prime and sub contracts providing the US Government and civil industries with specialist engineering technical assistance personnel and engineering support solutions for ISR sensors, soldier systems, protected vehicles, manned and unmanned aviation.