SBX - Avalanche Survival System

SBX actively supplies fresh air to the breathing area when buried in an avalanche or tree well, without requiring a mouthpiece.  SBX is designed to keep avalanche victims breathing during burial, by actively supplying air to the breathing area through the porous crystal structures within the snowpack. In the most extreme cold temperatures of -30°C, SBX can continuously supply air for 90 minutes.

Safeback SBX- Avalanche Survival System is designed with user-friendliness at the heart of its design. 

Avalanches are chaotic and stressful situations. We wanted to remove as many barriers to be able to use the SBX as possible, while also using activation systems that are familiar to users.

SBX is directly integrated into backpack design, and can only be used in compatible backpacks

The system has been developed to withstand harsh conditions and tough use, in temperatures down to -30 degrees -requiring rigorous testing of all components individually, and as a system.

The SBX Solution

Safeback SBX is designed to keep the air quality in the breathing area as normal as possible until the victim is rescued, by continually supplying fresh air to the breathing area through the porous crystal structures within the snowpack. This extends the potential survival window for a buried victim by delaying suffocation – for at least 90 minutes.

Step 1

In case of an avalanche, activate the system by pulling the T-shaped handle on the shoulder strap

Step 2

During burial, SBX uses the air in the snowpack as the victim’s fresh air supply, continuously pumping up to the breathing area for the duration of burial. SBX pumps air through the intake window on the backpack, up to the outlets on the shoulder straps.

SBX | Product Specifications

Effectiveness: designed to supply air to a snow burial victim's breathing area through the snowpack even in situations where there is no air pocket in front of their face.
Limitations: Users must be able to breathe under the snow, meaning that their airways must be at least partially open, and they must be able to move their chest cavity to inhale and exhale.

Runtime: 90 minutes at -22°F/-30°C. Runtime increases
with warmer temperatures

Weight: 18 oz. / 520g with batteries

Control-unit volume: 0.75 L

Safety Certification: CE Certified as PPE, Cat. II

Battery-powered Fan System

Safeback SBX is powered by 6 Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries - chosen for their high performance at low temperatures. The fan and the electronics which control it have been optimized to supply air to the breathing area for the maximum amount of time. On a full charge, Safeback SBX will run for 90 minutes at -30°C / -22°F.

User-Friendly Interface

Safeback SBX does not require the use of a mouthpiece to keep the breathing area clean under the snow. The system is activated using a handle similar to those found on avalanche airbags. The handle is ready for integration with a second activation wire, meaning avalanche airbags and SBX can be activated with a single pull.

Compact and Lightweight

SBX Control Unit is roughly the size of an avalanche beacon and is stored in a dedicated pocket in a Safeback-compatible pack. In-pack volume: 0.75 L System weight, with batteries: 523 g / 18 oz.