The SHADOW system is a 100% oxygen system specifically designed to support military HAHO and HALO parachuting operations from 35,000ft.

Parachutist Oxygen Mask

The Parachutist Oxygen Mask is available in 3 sizes, with or without communications.

Descent Cylinder

The Descent Cylinder (Jump Bottle) is a personal cylinder used during the descent phase.

Ascent Cylinder

The Ascent Cylinder (Pre-Breathing) is a personal cylinder used as the pre-breathing supply, in place of a console.

Auxiliary Supply Hose

The Auxiliary Supply Hose allows the user to connect the Ascent Cylinder to the Descent Cylinder whilst pre-breathing, with automatic switching if the ascent supply becomes depleted.

Oxygen Console

The Oxygen Console is capable of supplying 8 parachutists with oxygen for pre-breathing and during their ascent.