CGX1 Body Cooling System

CGX1 is used by paramedics and other first responders to provide immediate core body cooling to people suffering from heat-related illnesses. By utilizing proprietary technology, CGX1 acts as a life-saving device and helps ensure better patient outcomes.

Our technology is the first portable, immediate, and effective pre-hospital core body cooling device.

CGX1 is comprised of a body-conforming pad that is cooled via a non-toxic, inert compressed coolant. The device design overcomes many issues ensuring that:

  • Powerful cooling has proven to reduce core temperature to safe levels
  • No pre-preparation or special storage required
  • Easy to use with life-saving cooling able to be delivered within 2 minutes of diagnosis
  • Effective for at least 30 minutes
  • Man-portable at under 5kg
  • Allows for CPR to be provided whilst cooling is applied
  • Proprietary technology emulates the cooling mechanism of ice water immersion

Rapid cooling in cases of Heatstroke protects the brain and other vital organs and is of greatest benefit when applied early in the treatment pathway. Time is of the essence when treating Heatstroke, rapid cooling is essential in promoting optimal patient outcomes.

Temperatures exceeding 39°C can kill, even where there are no fatalities, such temperatures can leave many people unable to work or able to work only at a reduced rate. Some groups of workers are more vulnerable than others because they suffer the effects of heat stress at lower temperatures. Older workers, in particular, have lower physiological resistance to high levels of heat. Yet they represent an increasing share of workers – a natural consequence of population aging.

Maintaining a core body temperature of around 37°C is essential for continued normal body function. Achieving this body temperature equilibrium requires a constant exchange of heat between the body and the environment. The amount of heat that must be exchanged depends on the total heat produced by the body from muscular physical activity and the heat gained, if any, from the environment (NIOSH, 2016).

Four environmental factors contribute to the stress level experienced by a worker in a workplace with hot conditions: temperature, humidity, radiant heat (e.g. from the sun or a furnace), and wind speed (EHS, 2018).

Lev packing in bag


Can be transported and operated by a single person, across any environment.

No pre-preparation or special storage is required, and life-saving cooling is able to be delivered within 2 minutes of diagnosis.
Zoomed hand on pad


Complete pack weight of under 11 lbs (5kg).

Packaging design to fit within standard emergency vehicle storage compartments.
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Easy to use

Co-designed with medical professionals and end-users across Defence, Industrial, Sports & Healthcare markets.

Seamless integration into current medical infrastructure.
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CGX1 gas cylinders are fully recyclable. We want to save lives and help the planet!

It is easy to recycle the cylinders after use, check with your local recycling facilities for specific instructions.

Download the Datasheet & Brochure

For more information about our CGX1 Body Cooling  System please download the datasheet & brochure.