Virtual Defence Procurement Research & Technology Exportability 2020

Stucan Solutions CEO Stuart Taylor will be a speaker at DPRTE in partnership with U.K.MOD Defense Security Office (DSO) will be presenting on 'Doing Business with the DOD - A case study of UK Industry success' and sharing information trade and opportunities in the U.S. Defense market.  Following are keys areas and subjects of discussion:

U.S. Federal, Security, and Commercial Market

•Technology Focus Areas and Requirements 
• U.S. Government Research Grants and Funded Programs
• U.S. Commercial Needs and Business Opportunities

U.S. Market Realities

• Highly Competitive Market Dominated by U.S. Solutions
• Benefits of U.K. Companies Entering U.S. Market  
• Impediments to U.K. Companies Entering U.S. Market

Overcoming Barriers to U.S. Market

• Assistance for U.K. Companies to Enter U.S. Market 
• Global Partnership Program (GPP) www.globalpartnershipprogram.com

Other areas which U.K industry can lead the way:

• Clean Power, renewable energy, smart power, effective propulsion.
• Transport, fuel efficiency of automobiles, aircraft and a renewable power source.
• Advanced Composites, Advanced armor, infrastructure, and protection.
• Counter-UAS, Detect, Determine, Isolate, Respond, Report (DDIRR) (One system)
• Visual Augmentation Systems, Signature reduction, internal body enhancements
• Biological and Human Genetics, medical lifesaving, biomechatronic  integration, prosthetic development
• Communication and Storage, faster delivery, secure, cloud defense

DPRTE information

The UK defence sector, with an annual turnover of over £20 billion and supporting 260,000 jobs, is vital to protecting our country from global dangers and safeguarding national economic prosperity. Across Land, Sea, Air, Space, and Cyber the sector creates thousands of specialists and highly skilled jobs, in addition to creating billions in export income.

With a hugely diverse set of requirements, across a vast array of goods and services, the Ministry of Defence is Britain’s industry’s largest customer, buying everything from office equipment to education services and all kinds of facilities management services as well as military equipment and supplies of all kinds.

The MOD is committed to delivering an invigorated, innovative and cost-effective global supply chain. Defence Procurement, Research, Technology & Exportability (DPRTE) 2020 will provide buyers and suppliers of all sizes, engaged throughout the defence acquisition supply chain, with an invaluable opportunity to enhance knowledge, collaborate, share best practice and showcase innovation.

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