UK Security & Policing Expo 2020

Stucan Solutions is pleased to announce that we will be attending and hosting U.S. Government delegation with U.K. Department of International Trade (DIT) at the UK Security & Policing Expo 2020.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers will present their high-quality UAV products, explaining how their concepts can enhance security efforts, while adhering to safety and regulatory requirements.

Stucan Solutions is looking for the folowing areas of interestfor it clients and delegation:

Cyber innovation

Intelligence collection and dessemination 

Lead generation for law enforcement

UAS and UAV protection - Detect, Track, Identify, Isolate, neutralize 

Border & Maritime security

Data management and cross domian security

Enquiries for meeting with delegates can be arranged through Stucan;  enquiries@stucan-solutions.com


website for event: https://www.securityandpolicing.co.uk/