Thunderstorm 22-1 - U.S. Army Military Academy West Point NY.

Stucan Solutions has been selected to take part at Thunderstorm 22-1 which is being hosted by the U.S. Army Military Academy West Point in New York to showcase and demonstrate our new Date Analytical Engine Stucan-HIVE.

Stucan-HIVE has been specifically developed to meet these needs and is already in-service and helping armies to optimize their performance based upon its automated, intelligent capture, storage, analysis, and presentation of vast training datasets in near real-time.  Currently, Stucan-HIVE is being used on the Future USMC Wargaming Capability as the data analytical engine in the PIONEER Wargaming system which is hosted by BAE Systems.

Thunderstorm provides an opportunity for technology developers to demonstrate new and evolving technological capabilities in an operationally relevant environment, as well as to obtain insight into federal technology gaps and emerging needs. The demonstration environment enables a collaborative working relationship between government organizations, academia, and industry. This promotes the identification of emerging needs and assessment of maturing technologies with the primary goal of accelerating the delivery of technology discoveries to the Department of Defense and interagency partners. Thunderstorm provides a realistic demonstration environment for technology developers to interact with operational personnel. Materiel solutions brought to the event are at a technology readiness level (TRL) of 4 or greater

Stucan Solutions demonstrated new technologies from partners who wish to gain access into the U.S. Defense and Security market and showcase their capabilities.

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