USMC Wargaming Phase 2 Award

Stucan Solutions and their partners Cervus Defense have been selected for the remainder of the second phase of the US Marine Corps wargaming competition to develop and integrate advanced solutions to further enhance mission capabilities under the now sole Prime Contractor and partner BAE Systems for Phase 2.  It is expected that the BAE Systems team will also be awarded the Phase 3 contract which will be negotiated in late 2022.  

Our team was selected for the second phase of developing and integrating our Stucan-HIVE Data Analytics engine into the new digitally advanced Wargaming and Analysis Center at Marine Corps Base at Quantico VA.  Our teammates will continue to build the state-of-the-art center to help the Marine Corps better visualize and simulate a wide range of operating environments. 

Our teammates with BAE Systems (USA) include Cervus Defence Alex-Alternative Experts Bohemia Interactive CAE USA CESI Covan Group NetSimCo PLEXSYS Scalable Networks Stilman Advanced Strategies 4C North America