Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Force-on-Force (FOF)

Stucan team will be attending and demonstrating at the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Force-on-Force (FOF) with new technologies; OBEX Blast & Ballistic Walling Protection System, Dismounted Position & Navigation Sensor (DPNS), and SUPERION Counter Drone and Signal Intelligence system.

Force-on-Force (FOF) is one of the industry's largest and most heavily coordinated inspections and is essential in the oversight of nuclear power plant security programs. Strict security protocols are critical in every aspect of nuclear power generation, from original design through plant construction to operation. Robust physical defenses, redundant security systems, and highly trained security officers protect our plants from threats. 

Ensuring newer individuals within this program understand the history of FOF, challenges and the current trajectory forward is vital.  

Designed for active engagement, diverse presentations, training sessions, and participation during dedicated roundtables, NEI’s Force-on-Force Forum will encourage attendees to ask questions, connect, network, and build relationships within the force-on-force community.

By attending, FOF subject matter experts, target set experts, protective strategy experts, NRC teams, and interested parties such as the National Labs, DOE, and others involved in FOF, will have a more comprehensive understanding of the program and a better understanding of the NRC and the rules of FOF. Together, we will continue to help make nuclear power plants among the best-protected private sector facilities in the nation.