Stucan Solutions will be demonstrating at NGAUS General Conference at booth 1633 from 26 - 29 August 2022.

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Stucan Analytics will be demonstrating the new Wargaming solutions with Stucan-HIVE which is an awardee on the USMC Wargaming Capability Phase 2

Stucan solutions will be demonstrating new partner solutions

Saleria Systems will be doing a LIVE demonstration of the construction of the OBEX at the Booth during the conference.

Other Saleria products on display will be the Athene a Blast Imitigating Applique for ballistic shields and turret armor and HardTac blast and ballistic protection systems which is a part of the AIRwall system.

Plextek will be demonstrating the new Dismounted Position & Navigation Sensor (DPNS) that delivers 3D positioning,
navigation, and team tracking capability to the dismounted user, in the absence of GPS (or more broadly, GNSS). This allows for precise 3D situational awareness in GPS-challenged (denied or degraded) environments such as buildings, caves, tunnels, and areas with heavy Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM and hostile RF jamming.


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Plextek will show new Counter Done capabilities which can track and identify low signature drones.

NP Aerospace new NIJ certified Bomb Suit 4030 lightweight, 360 protection, modular and CBRN compatible with all in service systems.

Adventure Tactical Military & Law Enforcement lighting - Trilobyte Gen4

Body Armor Vent Body Armor cooling systems

Techniche  Full body cooling solutions

Shadow Works Tactical Assualt Gloves


The Maritime environment increases the demands placed on the equipment.  Our load carriage solutions need to provide floatation and life support without impeding the user in their role.

C2R has created Maritime-centric products, optimized for both overwater and subsurface use, providing passive or active floatation or a combination of the two.

The vast range of challenges dictates that equipment must be flexible enough to allow configurability to be optimized for any eventuality.

Army and Air National Guard officers from all 50 states, three territories, and the District of Columbia gather to network, set their legislative agenda, and hear from America’s civilian and military leaders. Family members, industry representatives, and local officials also attend.