Stucan Solutions will be demonstrating and showcasing new capabilities at MDM 2024, 30 April  - 2 May at Booth 614 in the Washington DC Conference Center.

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Stucan Solutions will be demonstrating new partner solutions

Fourth Element elite diving equipment and suits combine the latest developments in fabric technology with innovative designs to produce a range of technical thermal protection including drysuits and wetsuits that allow users to work in the harshest environments.

Fourth Element supplies a wide variety of diver operators and SOF end users with high-performance baselayers, thermal undersuits, and drysuits for use in demanding environments.


The Arctic's two layers of high insulation and low bulk fabric ensure exceptional levels of thermal protection.

Constructed with comfort and utility in mind, the minimalist design provides outstanding performance under closer-fitting neoprene drysuits. In a layering system, the Arctic is also suited for use underneath membrane and trilaminate suits.


Plextek will be demonstrating new counter UAS solutions, Armor crack detection sensors (AIMS), Adaptive Camo, and Dismounted Position & Navigation Sensor (DPNS)

Metis Aerospace SUPERION Counter Drone and Tactical RF Sensing for Shared Situational Awareness System.

SUPERION is an agile and responsive SIGINT capability delivering a high-end, 360°, passive RF detection capability between 400MHz and 6GHz. The system delivers effective alerting against RF signals of interest, including drone/UAS targets, at FOBs / advanced reconnaissance positions, military installations, and strategic locations. Currently, ground forces do not have access to such an all-encompassing capability that is available in a dismounted soldier format, and which can be rapidly deployed in austere environments.

Kontek Industries Mobile Modular Shoot House (MMSH) for CQB Training System for Permanent and Temporary Training Operations we will be able to demonstrate the build and capability at the booth.

The Mobile Modular Shoot House is designed to provide realistic training in Close Quarters Combat (CQB) with the use of simunitions and other non-live fire training means to help prepare your tactical team for their mission.

Kontek’s continued response to the need for modular tactical training solutions in law enforcement, military, and critical infrastructure security has produced the Mobile Modular Shoot House (MMSH).

QUICKBLOCK will have a system at the booth and you be able to see a build and demonstration of the system

QUICKBLOCK® is a rapid assembly and disassembly building system which is delivered in flat-pack, modular, and easy to use. Our product has the capability to be used in a wide variety of infrastructure and force protection scenarios. The system offers an alternative to traditional building materials and is ideal for scenarios where speed and portability are a priority. The blocks do not require specialist labor or tools to assemble.

NP Aerospace new NIJ certified Bomb Suit 4030 lightweight, 360 protection, modular and CBRN compatible with all in service systems.



The Maritime environment increases the demands placed on the equipment.  Our load carriage solutions need to provide floatation and life support without impeding the user in their role.

C2R has created Maritime-centric products, optimized for both overwater and subsurface use, providing passive or active floatation or a combination of the two.

The vast range of challenges dictates that equipment must be flexible enough to allow configurability to be optimized for any eventuality.

Jöttnar Mountaineering and Cold Weather Clothing & Gear

All the clothing is tested in the harshest of environments and used by elite forces. Jöttnar cold weather system is used for base and mid layers.

Jöttnar was born in Arctic Norway and is the creation of two former Royal Marine commandos.

Cryogenx - Body Cooling System

GX1 is used by medics and other first responders to provide immediate core body cooling to people suffering from heat-related illnesses. By utilizing proprietary technology, CGX1 acts as a life-saving device and helps ensure better patient outcomes.

Rapid cooling in cases of Heatstroke protects the brain and other vital organs and is of greatest benefit when applied early in the treatment pathway. Time is of the essence when treating Heatstroke, rapid cooling is essential in promoting optimal patient outcomes.

DECPT Highly customizable Multispectral Camouflaging Solution

Camofoil is a Nanotech camouflaging, concealment, and deception system that is ultra-lightweight and reusable, can be used to cover moving and static platforms for operations.