Stucan Solutions will be demonstrating and showing new capabilities at MDM 2022, 10-12 May at Booth 445 in the Washington DC Conference Center.

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Stucan Analytics will be demonstrating the new Wargaming solutions with Stucan-HIVE which is an awardee on the USMC Wargaming Capability Phase 2

Stucan solutions will be demonstrating new partner solutions

Saleria Systems will be doing a LIVE demonstrating the construction of the AIRwall on Wednesday 22 September 1300-1400hrs on the Parade Deck next to the main conference area.

Other Saleria products on display will be the Athene a Blast Imitigating Applique for ballistic shields and turret armor and HardTac blast and ballistic protection systems which is a part of the AIRwall system.

Plextek will be demonstrating new counter UAS solutions, Armor crack detection sensors (AIMS), FOD radar, Adaptive Camo, and VLF radar

Exensor - Flexnet Wireless Surveillance and Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) networks, Exensor offers Flexnet, a fully integrated, wireless sensor platform with a self-healing mesh radio network, controlled through a user-friendly command and control application. Flexnet is a force multiplier offering a multi-mission capability, suitable for several types of missions including persistent wide-area surveillance, force protection, and intelligence gathering.

ICON Lifesaver Expeditionary Water Purification Systems Liberty Bottle Jerrycan and Cube Larger systems C1 & C2

NP Aerospace new NIJ certified Bomb Suit 4030 lightweight, 360 protection, modular and CBRN compatible with all in service systems.

Adventure Tactical Military & Law Enforcement lighting - Trilobyte Gen4

Body Armor Vent Body Armor cooling systems

Techniche  Full body cooling solutions

Shadow Works Tactical Assualt Gloves