6th Annual EOD/IED Countermine Symposium

Stucan Solutions will be presenting at the 6th Annual EOD/IED Countermine Symposium with new EOD and IED protection solutions from partners NP Aerospace based out of Coventry UK.

Stucan will be speaking at the on current EOD, IED and Countermine mine solutions and levels of threat protection.

Topics to Be Covered at the 2018 Symposium:

- Shaping warfighter adaptability: Developing JIDO’s core capabilities to counter IED’s

- Supporting Navy’s intergovernmental C-IED efforts to save lives at home and abroad

- Guiding current countermine and EOD efforts to counter the growing asymmetric threat

- Developing public IED awareness through special training courses and awareness products

- Using innovative forensic techniques to examine IED’s for the purpose of neutralizing and eliminating threat networks 

- Conducting large-scale vehicle-borne IED testing to address constantly changing HME threats 

- Enabling freedom of movement for the Warfighter in the sea and on the land through the rendering of explosive devices

- Addressing the operational needs and technology gaps within the C-IED S&T Community of Interest

- Integrating EOD tools onto unmanned vehicles to better prepare the Warfighter

- Guiding CBRNE operations that detect, identify, assess, render-safe, dismantle, and transfer WMD’s, IED’s, and other manmade hazards

- Developing operational capabilities to neutralize, render-safe and contain blast during improvised terrorist device and explosive response

- Combating new, offensive IED’s in various innovative ways for operational success