Stucan Solutions focuses on security measures and methodologies which reduce risks to acceptable levels. By carrying out assessment base analysis every threat can be reduced, dependent on an understanding of the principal threats and environment situation.


Critical Infrastructure

Stucan Solutions delivers technologies and services that protect critical and national security infrastructure allowing for protection of mission, infrastructure and security of human lives.


Stucan Solutions maintains a full understanding of emerging technologies so we can identify the areas which our customers will investment in and develop program support. We strive to be a global thought leader in security capabilities by partnering with academic and other industry leaders by developing new technologies to protect our nation's future.

We do this by deliver of innovative, affordable and effective capabilities to our customers in a speedy and timely manner.


Stucan Solutions provides tactical, operational and strategic understanding for decision making in situational awareness, planning and execution threat mitigation. With advanced targeting and analysis systems that governments and commercial businesses across the globe.


Stucan Solutions has innovating cyber threats solutions that protect corporate networks and investments using cyber management skills, situational awareness, modeling and simulation, and cloud security.

Leadership Development Specialities:

Stucan Solutions teams strength in executive coaching helps Federal and Corporate leaders gain the competitive edge whilst developing executive-level skills, developmental and growth needs which impact their entire organization.  Today’s demanding Government and business environment executives have limited to no opportunity to devote time and energy to their personal development as leaders. Many leaders struggle to gain the full potential of their people and position as they are too busy and under too much pressure to slow down and take a step back to learn from their experiences and too implement changes.

How we do this:

  • Develop the leadership skills of high-potential individuals
  • Improve newly promoted managers with successful processes
  • Develop management and leadership skills within their technical people
  • Structural and behavioral problems at the management level
  • Leaders conflicts and resolutions among employees

Key programs we deliver:

Executive coaching & mentoring

Leadership and team development

Leadership through change